Types of T-Shirt Printing You Need to Know About

Best T-shirt Printing Technology

types of t-shirt printing
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If you are looking for types of t-shirt printing for your business shirt. We compiled the best ways to get your desired result. Of course, you want your corporate T-shirt to be the best. We understand you want your employees to look professional. Kustomize Your Tees uses the best t-shirt printing technology.

1.   Screen Printing

You must have heard about screen printing many times in your life.

However, you probably may not know what it actually is.

With screen printing, the design has condescended in layers. These layers are made for each color, separately.

First of all, our company can help you a lot with this because we have the equipment and expert team.

That can help you develop designs and then implement then in exactly the same way. You can make the logo design on it, write something, or maybe put some simple colors according to your choice. Screen printing is an affordable option to create company t-shirts.

2.  Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics are another type of t-shirt printing.

It uses heat for this purpose, so we assure that it is a very reliable option because everything put into it will stay there and will also bring more texture to your shirts.

So, by using this technique, you can do a lot for the T-shorts of your employees.

If you feel that buying the equipment to do it for one time is not wise, then you can simply contact us.

We will cover all your work and problems.

3.      Direct to Garment

Another type of shirt printing is direct to the garment.

This flexible option allows for use of various colors, fabric or type of design that can be used in it.

Also, this DTG technique is simple to do as you have to just use the inkjet.

The plastic paper in between cloth and the printer will print the shirt.

Finally, DTG printing won’t change the texture of the shirt. It is also a safe technique to achieve the best results.


Now that you need the major types of shirt printing. Contact us to start design today. T-shirts for you staff to look effortless and stylish.

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